Lieferdienst in München

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  • Very tasty pizza, not super expensive.

    Victoria Safechuk Avatar Victoria Safechuk
    31. Januar 2021

    Delicious pizza Yammy 😋🍕

    Saf Dary Avatar Saf Dary
    5. Mai 2023

    Very nice place

    admir jamakovich Avatar admir jamakovich
    26. Oktober 2018
  • Wow the pizza and Burger super delicious thanks dear Da Lispoli

    Anosh Avatar Anosh
    28. Juli 2017

    Best pizza place around. I only buy from here, so I would definitely recommend you to check out their delicious pizzas!

    Joe Alikhanov Avatar Joe Alikhanov
    17. Oktober 2023

    Delicious pizza Yammy 😋🍕

    SāfDārƴ Avatar SāfDārƴ
    5. Mai 2023

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