Lieferdienst in München

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  • Wow the pizza and Burger super delicious thanks dear Da Lispoli

    Anosh Avatar Anosh
    28. Juli 2017

    Very tasty pizza, not super expensive.

    Victoria S Avatar Victoria S
    31. Januar 2021

    Delicious pizza and very good allergen information. Staff are friendly and helpful.

    Joy Edwards-Hicks Avatar Joy Edwards-Hicks
    2. April 2018
  • Delicious pizza Yammy 😋🍕

    Saf Dary Avatar Saf Dary
    5. Mai 2023

    Ordered from Ladispoli via Lieferando without seeing the bad reviews from here. The pizzas are not Italian, but they are tasty and generous. We will order from here again. 😊

    Anca D Avatar Anca D
    11. Dezember 2021

    To be honest pizza is really good, but the staff is not that polite or correct with customers. On their leaflet it says : Abholpreise: x, which means as far as i understand its when i go there. Lieferpreise : Y, which means when they deliver to me. I think this is pretty straight forward. They have also Mittagspreise 15% discount on all. In fact i went there and the guy tried to lie me like discount is this showing me abholpreise, the other one is normal. Please update leaflets if they are not correct, but dont say arguments which are really unbelievable. Pizza is really good, but when client experience is not that good than its doubtful to go again.

    Anduel Pitushi Avatar Anduel Pitushi
    20. Mai 2019

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